Medicine For The Soul

Jun 10, 2018




There are two ways that physicians can pray for their patients.

Firstly, privately without asking their patients consent or sharing the fact with them that they are praying for them.

Secondly, praying openly with patients.

A paper just published this year cautions against praying for patients unless invited to do so. The paper cites concerns about professionalism and boundaries as reasons to wait until invited before praying.

An amazing book by neurosurgeon David Levy shares his journey as he began to offer to pray with patients. He offers to pray with his patients. He absolutely respects any refusal to allow him to pray (although this is rare enough). He finds that surgeries tend to go more smoothly, patients and their families are happier and he is happier. 

He calls it 'Medicine For The Soul'.

Medicine For The Soul gets my vote!

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